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We believe that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the modern-day game-changers destined to transform the world like the TCP / IP protocol and the global Internet once did.

Crypto creates

  • Unified and transparent rules for everyone

  • Free access to the financial system

  • Freedom from intermediaries, distributing the maximum benefit among people

EarnPark is a crypto platform that produces simple and effective tools to generate returns on investors' digital assets. Our goal is to maximize the value and utility of cryptocurrencies and reimagine global financial services.

Crypto In, More Crypto Out. Be part of the financial revolution evolution

We are building products in a new, rapidly growing crypto economy and are primarily focused on tailoring services for investors. These investors, just like us, are betting on crypto for at least the next 10 years, and we assist them by developing crypto investment strategies through liquidity management in centralized and decentralized protocols. For us, this is an exciting challenge that leads to a new, decentralized reality.

So if you want to merge into the transition from centralization to decentralization and play your part in building one of the strongest trends of the 21st century, feel free to contact us.

About us:

  • International IT startup

  • Distributed team that works in the world’s fastest-growing market

  • Salary in USD or crypto, contract with a UK company

  • Employee Stock Option Plan (company share)

  • Strong investment at the start. The team is a qualified liquidity provider for Binance (top 1 exchange at Coinmarketcap)

Our values:

We are united by shared goals and values, clear and visible to the whole team, and know exactly whom we’re looking for. This sense of alliance motivates us to create a great product. We aim to keep our team small, dream big, and achieve the maximum.

TEAM. The basis of our success is a team of enthusiasts focused on self-developing. We are honest to ourselves and to the people around us. We have different views, backgrounds, social statuses, origins, orientations, hair color – we love what we do and that unites us. Our relationships ​​outweigh money.

RESPONSIBLE FREEDOM. We are a globally distributed team. Your location or working hours do not matter, but proactivity and accountability do. The team members do not wait for tasks to be assigned from above, they work autonomously, meet the deadlines, and need no pushing. We don't want halves of our lives (people spend >50% of their time in professional fulfillment) to be mediocre. We do not tolerate those who do not care.

CHALLENGE THE LIMITS. We strive for excellence in everything we do. "Good enough" is not enough, we push the boundaries. The world is changing, and we are changing with it. Nothing is impossible as we are very curious and fast. Mistakes and reacting to change are more important than sticking to the plan.

Where will your story begin?

SOON (job descriptions are in development)

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