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What is EarnPark
How is EarnPark different from competitors?
How is EarnPark different from competitors?
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We do things differently than other companies in the crypto industry.

Our goal is to make a gradual transition from CeFi to DeFi. Build a product with regulation and user protection from CeFi and decentralization from DeFi. Allow users to choose strategies with variable risk-reward levels with maximum transparency and security.

  1. Our main priority is the safety of users’ funds. We comply with regulatory requirements. We hedge risks. We develop and use delta-neutral and arbitrage strategies. It allows us to balance out the growth potential and liquidity management. With our current AUM and stage of development, this isn’t a hard task.

  2. Our portfolio consists of liquidity pools and algorithmic strategies. We are also planning on developing products inside the ecosystem to generate additional profit. There is going to be a hold period for illiquid positions with a corresponding profit.

  3. We are working on making our investment strategies transparent to everyone through external audits of CeFi assets and on-chain validation of DeFi wallets. This doesn’t happen in one day, but this is where we are headed. We plan on democratizing the hedge fund market, which is now not available to regular retail investors.

  4. We stick to natural returns. And our yield is based on the real usage of capital instead of token incentives.

About Celsius, Voyager, Houdlnaut etc.

Yes, we are lucky. Lucky to have an open launch during the period of market correction, which affected many famous lending / earn interest platforms. We understand problems which led to other platforms downfalls and it allows us to not have same risks / problems in the future.

The market figured out that CeFi credit services model is extremely illiquid and built to provide its investors with the lowest annual interest rates, while the mismanagement of investors' assets for the sake of company profits revealed irresponsibility on the part of the teams.

Rest assured our risk models and strategies have not even considered working with Terra / Anchor / UST / LUNA and other protocols.

Here at EarnPark we continue working on building a product which will help our investors gain profits in any market conditions. We, and other market players have to make up for the mistakes which CeFi market have been making during May and June of 2022.

And it's just the beginning.

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