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Liquid Staking Strategy
Liquid Staking Strategy
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How Liquid Staking works

Our Liquid Staking Strategy, often referred to as LSD, focuses on maximizing the utility of staked assets within PoS networks.

This strategy involves participating in various protocols, such as Lido, Rocket Pool, Ankr Finance, and others, to "liquify" staked assets.

It aims to provide the benefits of staking while maintaining liquidity and accessibility to assets.

Through protocols like Lido, we convert staked assets into liquid tokens that represent the staked position. These liquid tokens can be freely traded or used in various DeFi applications.

Risks and how we manage them

Protocol Risk:

The strategy is exposed to risks associated with the operation and security of the protocols used for liquid staking.

Liquidity Risk:

The liquidity of liquid tokens may vary, potentially impacting their tradability and usability.

Past performance:

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Other risks:

You should consult an advisor and should not enter into any transactions unless you have fully understood all risks.

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