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The EarnPark Affiliate Program empowers our community, influencers, content creators, and platforms to monetize traffic by introducing the platform to the world. The EarnPark Affiliate Program allows registered members to share (or “refer”) a unique link with unregistered family members and friends and start earning “affiliate” rewards.

How does EarnPark Affiliate Program work?

When family members and friends click the link, register with, and make their first deposit, referrers will begin earning rewards based on a percentage of the earnings of those new members. Affiliate rewards will continue to be paid out in the crypto your referrals invested.

What are the reward rates?

Members who take part in the beta testing of the program will receive rewards equal to 15% of their referral’s earnings. We accept no more than 100 participants in the beta test. After beta testing the payout programs for new participants may be revised.

For example, if a new member deposits 100,000 USDC on the EarnPark platform (equal to $100,000), this new member would earn 15,000 USDC (worth $15,000) over the course of one year based on USDC’s current APY of 15% (provided that the user did not withdraw funds over the year and allowed for daily rewards to compound).

In the example, the referrer of this new member would earn an amount equal to 15% over the course of that same year, amounting to $2250 (15% of $15,000). Note that affiliate rewards do not impact the earnings of the new member (i.e., these affiliate rewards are an addition to what the new member earns).

Keep in mind that affiliate rewards are only paid while your referral continues to maintain a deposit with EarnPark. If a referral were to withdraw all their funds from EarnPark (leaving a zero balance), the referrer would no longer receive affiliate rewards until the referrer redeposited funds onto the platform (and be eligible to receive rewards).

Terms and conditions of the EarnPark Affiliate Program are subject to change at any time at EarnPark discretion.

Steps to participate in Affiliate Program

  1. 1.Register on the EarnPark platform and get the link in the [Profile] section.

  2. 2.Invite your friends to the EarnPark platform via a personal link.

  3. 3.Monitor the statistics of registrations and deposits of your referrals in a dashboard.

Rules and Conditions

Violation of the rules leads to the permanent expelling of the user from the Affiliate Program.

  1. 1.Affiliate accounts cannot be created using the same IP as the referral's account.

  2. 2.Funds cannot be transferred from an affiliate account to a partner's account by internal transfer.

  3. 3.Affiliates do not have the ability to link referral accounts to their accounts after the registration on the platform. Please be careful and make sure that referrals follow your unique link to start receiving rewards from the invited users.

  4. 4.Users cannot transfer funds from their main accounts to family members or friends' referral accounts.

  5. 5.MAIN assets are not available for this program.

Recommendations: The affiliate account must be active and have funds on the platform.

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